Anal Masturbator

Classic Anal Beads Kinx

Classic Anal Beads. Unisex and waterproof, these handsomely designed anal beads have five tapered beads and a grip handle. Your anal pleasure is totally within your grasp, and under your control...

$11.52 Ex Tax: $11.52

Falcon Bottom Buddy Doggy Style

We took some of our most famous Falcon bottoms and combined their best attributes; a tight hole, a nice round bubble butt, that sexy slope to the lower back and that supple skin texture we all like grip while pounding, and created The Bottom Buddy. I..

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

Heavy Metal Anal Beads Kinx

Heavy Metal Anal Beads. The ultimate weapon against the hard to please. These Heavy Metal beads feature solid weight, which gives you the confidence you need to go at it harder and longer...

$16.96 Ex Tax: $16.96

Kinx Anovibe Vibrating Anal Beads

Anovibe Vibrating Anal Beads. This firm, but flexible, vibrating anal bead stick is 5 long and has a waterproof, wireless egg. The great thing is, is that the egg is totally removable so you can vibrate or not vibrate. The choice is yours...

$21.96 Ex Tax: $21.96

Ms Spades Xl Anal Beads

This extra large set of anal beads are spade shaped for added sensation. Flexible yet firm, the slick material s easily. The O-ring handle makes for easy and quick removal, as each flared bead passes out of you, you will feel an incredible jolt of se..

$44.10 Ex Tax: $44.10

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