Bp Candy Pecker Pacifier 48/disp

Are you a sucker for a pecker? This 48-count bowl of Candy Pecker Pacifiers is a perfect POP display with its humorous, mini-penis design and fun, bright colors...

$94.00 Ex Tax: $94.00

Bp Jolly Pecker Candy Pops 50/display

Bowl of 50 candy pecker pops in assorted flavors...

$94.00 Ex Tax: $94.00

Butter Balls

Butterballs pecker pops are a succulent tasty treat that are as much fun to lick as they are to eat! We have absolutely no doubt at all that you`ll love sucking on our balls!Features:- Pecker and Balls Shaped Butterscotch Flavored Lollipop- Great T..

$3.90 Ex Tax: $3.90

Rainbow Cock Cum Pops

Pecker Shaped Cum Covered Rainbow Lollipop.Features:- Pecker Shaped Cum Covered- Rainbow Colored- Great Taste..

$10.90 Ex Tax: $10.90

Rainbow Pops 72/bowl

Wrap your lips around these delicious Rainbow Pecker Pops and show everyone your true colors! These pecker-shaped tasty treats feature rainbow colored swirls and an irresistible tooty-fruity flavor. How many licks until you get to the stick?Ingredien..

$140.00 Ex Tax: $140.00

Rainbow Pussy Pops Carded


$4.60 Ex Tax: $4.60

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