Advanced Silicone Pump Sleeve Smoke

Heavy duty, high quality, Silicone pump sleeves.Fits up to 3/7.5 cm pump cylinder Silicone.3 x 1.25/7.5 cm x 3.25 cm...

$12.90 Ex Tax: $12.90

Apollo Extender Smoke

- Stretchy and comfortable extender - Adds 2/5cm to length - Textured ribbing inside and out - Discreetly enhances both length and girth - TPR Size 6.25 x 1.5/16cm x 3.75cm..

$17.00 Ex Tax: $17.00

Apollo Premium Girth Enhancer Smoke

- Stretchy enhancer adds girth and support- Dual semi-circle stainless steel supports for comfort and stamina- Enhances stimulation for you and your partner- 3.5 x 1.5/9 cm x 3.75 cm- TPR (enhancer) Stainless Steel (hardware)..

$23.50 Ex Tax: $23.50

Basic Essentials 4pk Smoke

Basic Essentials High quality, feature-packed products for couples that enhance lovemaking at a price that cant be beat! A great addition to any toy collection! 4 super stretchy enhancers in assorted shapes. TPR. .3/ 1 cm (diameter)...

$8.90 Ex Tax: $8.90

Classic Smoke Cock Ring Linx

Classic Smoke Cock Ring. This cock ring fits snugly and securely on nearly any penis. It has an easy, one-touch vibration bullet that sits in the nubby clit stim. It comes with 2 sets of batteries, so it ready for action and is great for those new to..

$15.24 Ex Tax: $15.24

Gripper Nip-pull Smoke

The GRIPPER nipple suckers are a take on classic snakebitesbut designed solely for hungry hog teats. These fuckers are made of flexible TPR but still firm enough to give you some serious nip plumpin` and pullin.` Each pair is topped with a small han..

$22.00 Ex Tax: $22.00

High Intensity Vibro Tease Smoke

Powerful vibrations that resonate throughout. Slender probe with removable, high-intensity, quiet, push button stimulator. Extended easy grip base. TPE (probe) ABS with Silver Plating (stimulator). 1 AAA battery. 3.75x 1 / 10 cm x 3 cm...

$28.40 Ex Tax: $28.40

Humpballs Cockring Smoke

This cockring is designed so it doesnt roll or tug on your pubes. They are also great for nut stretchin, stack em on your sack and see just how low you can make them swing.Measurements: -Outside Circumference: 5/ 12.7 cm-Inside Circumference: 2.5/ 6...

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.50

Jack It Stroker Smoke

Soft and tight, with a perfectly ridged chamber for excellent sensation, this brand new design is ergonomically sized to fit your palm perfectly. Its clear, dimpled, jelly-like texture provides a flawless grip, with just the right amount of give for ..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

Linx Tickler Textured Ring Set 6 Pack

This super stretchy set of 6 Linx Tickler cock rings features an assorted range of rings with unique designs that stimulate where it counts for incredible intensity. These rings keep him firmer for longer and intensify his orgasm for maximum pleasure..

$6.04 Ex Tax: $6.04

Lubricant Launcher 3pk Smoke

Load it up and shoot it out, it is as simple as that! The lubricant launchers narrowed or makes it easy to ease into anal or vaginal play by lubricating those hard to reach places. The convenient finger grips allow for precise ion while the attractiv..

$11.34 Ex Tax: $11.34

Muscle Cocksheath Smoke

Now you can explore new horizons in your boy`s bottomless hole with this dick massaging cock enhancer.Please even the hungriest of cock-hounds by adding some serious length to your fuck stick. Not to looks just plain nasty poppin` out of..

$64.00 Ex Tax: $64.00

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