Blowyo Renewer Powder

- Renewer powder for BlowYo super strokers - Keeps your toys soft, supple and just like new - Apply to the surface of your toys after cleaning and drying - Helps extend the life of your super strokers - Non-toxic formula..

$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00

Love and Luster Diamond Dust

Put some sparkle into your life wearing Love and Luster Kissable Diamond Dust! You will feel like you are glowing from the inside out wearing this sheer shimmer. It is just as sweet and kissable as you are, and is beautiful on all skin tones. Package..

$15.90 Ex Tax: $15.90

Main Squeeze Refresh Powder 1oz

Maintain and freshen your Main Squeeze with this powder specially formulated for use on the ULTRASKYN inserts. Main Squeeze Refresh Powder is made with natural ingredients and is 100% talc free, making it completely safe for personal use. Restores an..

$5.34 Ex Tax: $5.34

Revitalize Toy Powder Unisex

Take care of your intimate items with JO REVITALIZE TOY POWDER. Simply clean, dry and then dust toy with a thin layering of powder before storing. Helps keep that like new feel and stops toys from becoming sticky or oily...

$11.02 Ex Tax: $11.02

Ur3 Refresh Powder

Introducing our new UR3 Refresh Powder, specifically formulated for superior sex toy maintenance. This UR3 refreshing powder will help restore and maintain all of your favorite UR3 products, making it feel like the first time over and over again. Eas..

$5.96 Ex Tax: $5.96

Vac U Lock Powder

For Vac-U-Lock maintenance..

$11.84 Ex Tax: $11.84

Vac U Lock Powder - Bulk

Compatible with all vac-u-lock accessoriesSpecially designed for vac-u-lock accessoriesEasy to dispense bellows jar..

$9.46 Ex Tax: $9.46

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