360 Cockring And Ballsling Clear

360 Two cocktoys in one... COCKRING - Bulge ring pushes your junk up and out! BALLSLING - Wear like a cock sling with your balls held down and pushed out!Dimensions:2.5 W X 3 H X 1.5 W ..

$22.00 Ex Tax: $22.00

6-p Sport C-ring (individual) Clear

Note: 6-PACK is sold as one individual cockring.Sex is a least at OXBALLS it is. Competitive, sweaty, aggressive, and soaked in Testosterone...and should see our locker-room. 6-PACK cockring is built for rough hard-muscled sex, ..

$9.50 Ex Tax: $9.50

Aande Glass Ana Training Trio

Perfect for backdoor training and re-training! For those new to anal play or experienced pros - graduating glass plugs make it easy! Work pelvic floor muscles for better control, strength and endurance during sex. Start small, move to medium, then ta..

$49.98 Ex Tax: $49.98

Aande Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves

Slides on just like a condom!Spices up other sex toys too!The advantage is clear! These 7 super-stretchy tickler penis sleeves add variety and stimulating pleasure with every thrust! Ranging from 1 3/4 to 2 3/4 long, these clear silicone sleeves are ..

$23.98 Ex Tax: $23.98

Advanced Silicone Pump Sleeve Clear

Heavy duty, high quality, Silicone pump sleeves.Fits up to 3/7.5 cm pump cylinder Silicone.3 x 1.25/7.5 cm x 3.25 cm...

$12.90 Ex Tax: $12.90

Apollo Extender Clear

- Stretchy and comfortable extender - Adds 2/5cm to length - Textured ribbing inside and out - Discreetly enhances both length and girth - TPR Size 6.25 x 1.5/16cm x 3.75cm..

$17.00 Ex Tax: $17.00

Armour Tug Clear

Armour Tug is a slimmer and thinner version of the best-selling Cock Armour for bigger bulges, enhanced erections, and more intense orgasms! It is designed with a revolutionary anatomical shape that hugs your torso and pushes your gear out entirely f..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

Ball Stretcher 2.0 Pf Blend

Fat Boy Stretcher 2.0 The super stretchy ball stretcher that fits any man and is soooo soft! Materials: SilaSkin TPR/Silicone Blend. Safety Rating: EN-71 -3. Made of SilaSkin this product has stretch factor 1200%! SilaSkin is irresistibly soft and sa..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

Bathmate Hydro7 Crystal Clear

Formerly known as the Hercules, the Hydro7 is our original, best-selling penis pump. With its revolutionary design and impressive results, it`s no wonder that this pump is used in over 120 countries by thousands of men.If you`re looking for an easy-t..

$130.00 Ex Tax: $130.00

Bathmate Hydromax7 Crystal Clear

Wanting to last longer in bed, as well as enhance your length and girth? The Hydromax7 (formerly the Hydromax X30), with its bellows pump system, is the ideal equipment for penis health and development.Easy to use, this penis enlargement set has a po..

$170.00 Ex Tax: $170.00

Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy Clear

All our penis pumps deliver incredible results, but the Hydromax7 Wide Boy is the ultimate hydropump for the bigger user.For stronger erections, longer lasting performance and enhanced growth, the Hydromax7 Wide Boy is your recommended pump.Formerly ..

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

Bathmate Hydromax9 Crystal Clear

Formerly the Hydromax X40, the Hydromax9 now gives even more power to help you achieve longer lasting erections at a bigger size.This penis enhancement device has undergone a redesign to provide one of the most powerful bellows pump systems on the m..

$200.00 Ex Tax: $200.00

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