Spermicidal Condoms

Trojan Enz W/spermicidal 3`s

Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk. Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide is on this condom for extra protection against pregnancy ONLY. NOT for extra protection against AIDS and other STDs. Special reservoir end for extra safety. Each condom i..

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.50

Trojan Ultra Thin Armor Spermicide 3 Pk

TROJAN Ultra Thin Armor Condoms are designed for ultimate sensitivityThe Strength of a Regular TROJAN Latex CondomMade from Premium Quality Latex-To help reduce the riskNonoxynol-9 Spermicide Is On This Condom for extra protection against pregnancy O..

$6.52 Ex Tax: $6.52

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