30 Rock A Xxx Parody

2-Disc Collector`s Edition. New Sensations presents 30 ROCK: A XXX PARODY, a side-splitting and pussy-pounding take on one of the funniest shows on TV. Imagine, all of your favorite and funniest characters played by some of the hottest porn stars! W..

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Batman Vs Superman Xxx {dd}

Subject to change without notice It`s the comic book porn showdown of the century! Legendary Director Axel Braun puts his sexy spin on the world`s two most beloved superheroes as they battle each other in this Wicked mega-production. Harley Quinn, Ca..

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The Real Batwoman! Fetish! Drama! Bondage! Lesbians! Strap on! Wrestling! Domination!..

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Br This Aint Celbrity Apprentice Xxx

Blu-Ray Version. Lets face it. Theres nothing very sexy about The Donald. However, there are many, many sexy things about the idea of a celebrity apprentice: Wealth, fame, beauty, and power. Not to mention the fact that when Hustler Video decided to..

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Br This Aint Dirty Jobs Xxx

Blu-Ray Version. Follow along with our parody of Mike as he explores the dirty jobs of Porn Valley. Hard working Americans getting dirty to keep the system working for you and me. It`s a dirty job but they love to do it!Evan Stone plays a spoof of t..

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Br This Aint Hollywood Squares Xxx

Blu-Ray DVD. Tit-twat-blow, three porn stars fuck in a row! Watch what happens when a group of over-sexed, horny celebrities compete to win in this Hustler Video game show. BJ`s, 3-ways and anal! Contestants on this show win a whole lot more than ju..

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Br This Aint Intervention Xxx

Blu-Ray Version. Whether it is gambling, chronic masturbation or hoarding, these addicts are ready to kick the habit The Hustler Way! Fucking the addiction gone is just one of the ways these desperate addicts cope! The road to recovery is paved with..

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Xxx Parody

Buddy and her hot, horny friends are searching for bloodsuckers (and having loads of hot sex, too!). Naughty Willow casts a spell that brings the undead back to life, and in between the gang`s hard-pumping action, they`ve got some vampire killing to..

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Cinderella Xxx {dd}

Subject to change without notice From legendary director Axel Braun comes the third chapter in the highly successful Wicked Fairy Tales series, a sexy take on the classic Charles Perrault story featuring Samantha Saint as the persecuted heroine, Vero..

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Ghostbusters Xxx Parody

After being mocked and humiliated by the male Ghostbusters team, Monique decides to start her own team of sexy ghost-hunting ladies, the Nutbusters. As the Ghostbusters and Nutbusters compete for busting rights around town, a fierce rivalry develops..

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Gnardians Of The Galaxy And Other Po

Finally, the most epic superhero porn parody of all time has cum! When Star Load, Gamwhora, Crax, Rocket Raccooch, and Groin find themselves in a tight spot, this horny group of rag-tag superheroes team up to protect the universe from evil-doers..

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Great Zatanna

Magic control, special FX, fetish, bondage, lesbian encounters, and helpless super-heroines!..

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