Mouth Masturbator

Link Word Of Mouth Vibe Oral Stim Flesh

The Word of Mouth vibrating masturbator by Linx mimics oral pleasure and come with a remote control for easy use. The stretchy opening gives this sleeve a realistic feel and the multi speed design speeds you on to ecstasy at your own pace.This oral s..

$10.66 Ex Tax: $10.66

Pdx Elite Air Tight Oral Storker

Air tight suction ensures that tip in or balls deep, the PDX Elite Air-Tight Oral Stroker will give you the best oral sex experience of your life!With a sturdy, ribbed exterior case for a solid grip, the PDX Elite Air-Tight Oral Stroker creates a pow..

$44.00 Ex Tax: $44.00

Quickies To Go Ur3 Mouth

This masturbator is 7¼` long and can be cut down to any length. The UR3 material is extremely flexible so one size fits all! A sample of personal lubricant is included for your convenience. This Quickie To Go is a great traveling companion too!..

$11.54 Ex Tax: $11.54

The Ultimate Pov Oral Stroker (disc)

The suction chamber mouth stroker is thoroughly mouth-like in every way. Tighten your hand around the soft ergonomic exterior and feel every throat like nub stimulate your hardness while the suction entrance pulls the orgasm right out of you...

$22.00 Ex Tax: $22.00

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