Blow Ups Granny Doll

Just blow her up, and Granny`s good to go! She`s the horniest old broad on the block, so don`t be shy filling up her inflatable holes while you watch the free DVD, Granny Gang Bang to get lots of sexy GILF ideas! She can keep you company in bed, on t..

$29.98 Ex Tax: $29.98

Blow Ups Interracial Cuckold Doll Set

You`ve always fantasized about walking in on your girlfriend to find her wrapped around a strapping black man, and now`s your chance to make the dream cum true! She`s white hot and he`s cool black, with a dong that really inflates! And of course you ..

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Blow Ups Stepdaughter Doll

Taste the forbidden fruit of hot step-daughter sex with this naughty inflatable you can take anywhere! She`s the illicit girl of your secret fantasies no longer when you blow her up and have your way with her in every conceivable position! Get some h..

$29.98 Ex Tax: $29.98

Britney Bitch! Love Doll

She`s Britney bitch, the pig-tailed popstar princess who`s got a body that won`t quit and a brain that won`t start! Just ad air and this washed-up white trash whack-job will suck the chrome off a trailer hitch quicker than you can say food stamps! Wh..

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Kinky Kim Doll

Meet Kinky Kim, the busty bubble-butt bimbo who`s had more dark meat in her than a bucket of fried chicken! No one really knows whats shes famous forexcept cellulite and her insatiable appetite for filthy sex! This dirty lil` diva wants you to stick ..

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Sexflesh Miko Love Doll Life Size

This life sized lover is ready to give you anything you want! Slide your cock into her open, waiting mouth and get your hands on her voluptuous breasts. Miko has a tight pussy and ass, so you can choose which of her holes you get to play with! Both h..

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Travel Size Midget Man Doll

Just add air and this pint-size party animal will pump up his pleasure-pole and rock your world! Dont worry that hes tiny enough to fit in your pocket-this meaty munchkin is stocky, cocky and hung like a horse! Youve always dreamt about bangin a litt..

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Travel Size Mini Midget Love Doll

Good things come in small packages!Case Count:9626 in height..

$14.00 Ex Tax: $14.00

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