Edible Body Paint

Bodylicious Edible Body Pens 4pk


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Chocolate Lovers Edible Body Paint Set

Dream up your most Erotic Tasty fantasies in Rich Delicious Chocolate, with this tasty tantalizing array of Erotic Chocolate Body Spreads. Dip your tongue or Finger in and Spread these on your lovers favorite body parts and let the Erotic Licking and..

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Chocolate Seductions

36 ways to seduce your lover with creative body chocolate adventures! ..

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Chocolate Tease Game

What a fun, sexy, and delicious foreplay game! To play the Chocolate Tease Game, take turns with your partner picking a card and reading it out loud then performing the challenge.When someone successfully completes a challenge, they keep the card and..

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Edible Body Play Paints

Erotic Playtime just got a lot Sweeter with the Edible Body Play Paints! These delicious tasting Edible Body Paints are fun to play with and let you really say what`s on your mind. A Brush and Stencil kit(included) make playtime even more fun!4 DELIC..

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Flirty Flavor Kit For Lovers

Turn your lover into a tasty treat with this amazing kit of edible oral sex essentials. From popping oral sex candy to edible gummy undies to warming massage lotion, everything you need for fruity fun is included in this delicious kit. What happens n..

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Lovers Body Paint Milk Chocolate {disc}

Includes 2 oz of our most popular milk chocolate flavor. Brush this rich chocolate body paint onto someone you love, then treat yourselves to a sweet feast for the senses. Includes a supple body brush to create teasing and delightful designs on your ..

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Play Pen Edible Body Paint Brushes

Passionate paints that bring new excitement into your love life. 4 Delicious Flavors: Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Strawberry. No mess just squeeze and brush...

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Play Pens Edible Chocolate Flavors 2pk

Edible dark and milk chocolate body pens! No mess just squeeze and play!- Two 1.7oz pens..

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