Impulse Condoms

Impulse Bare Pleasure 3pk

Unlike any other condom on the market. The Impulse Bare Pleasure condom features 10 rows of ribs at the condoms head, followed by raised studs at the base. This combination will make for a great deep thrusting condom! These condoms are about 6 1/4 L..

$1.26 Ex Tax: $1.26

Impulse Midnight Orchid 3pk

The Impulse Midnight Orchid is black as night and just a sexy. Designed to bring about your naughtiest dreams the Midnight Orchid is FDA approved, lubricated, and sized to fit most men...

$1.26 Ex Tax: $1.26

Impulse Night Heat 3pk

The Impulse Night Heat is an assortment of colored condoms, all lubricated with the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 to reduce friction and prevent pregnancy...

$1.26 Ex Tax: $1.26

Impulse Pale Rider 3pk

Impulse Pale Rider Condoms contain Extra Lube at the top of the condom and are much Thinner than your average condom. Impulse Pale Rider Condoms are a fantastic feeling for him and her...

$1.26 Ex Tax: $1.26

Impulse Plum Crazy 3pk

These plum colored and plum flavored condoms are perfect for those who like to walk on the wild side...or for folks who just love plums!!..

$1.26 Ex Tax: $1.26

Impulse Sweet Indulgence 3pk

The Impulse Sweet Indulgence is an assortment of flavored condoms, all FDA approved for your enjoyment. These lubricated condoms come in a variety of Banana, Chocolate, and Strawberry; perfect for those that have never tried flavored condoms and are..

$1.26 Ex Tax: $1.26

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