Honcho 2 Rainbow

HONCHO is a veiny dick shaped buttplug with a thick fleshy core that fits nice n snug up your guts. The tapered chode shape and fat shroom-head guarantee that once HONCHO is in, it aint goin anywhere until you decide to pull it out.HONCHO is made fro..

$70.00 Ex Tax: $70.00

Lust Finger Sleeves Kinx

Lust Fingers - Purple. These Lust Fingers give you lust at your fingertips. This two-pack of clit-stims contains a pink ribbed and a purple nubby version. Let your fingers do the talking...

$4.12 Ex Tax: $4.12

Magic Massager Deluxe

The new and improved Magic Massager delivers deep, satisfying vibrations now with eight electrifying functions! This wand style massager never loses power, since it plugs directly into the wall. Experience powerful purring sensations on the clitoris..

$75.98 Ex Tax: $75.98

Prisms Pranava Derriere Plug

With its tapered end and wide body, the Pranava plug not only looks elegant, but also delivers incredible sensations! Uniquely handcrafted, this glass creation resembles and exclusive piece of art! Pranava begins at a gently rounded point, widening o..

$22.50 Ex Tax: $22.50

Rouge Padded Ankle Cuffs Black And Red

Leather ankle cuffs one D-ring and fully adjustable buckle straps. Padded and fully detachable trigger hook chain...

$73.00 Ex Tax: $73.00

Strict Rainbow Lambskin Leather Flogger

Let your colors fly with this multi-hued impact device! The high quality leather has brightly colored rainbow foil backing over black leather, for a stunning look and an even better feel. The leather is made of lambskin for a soft, luxurious, and fle..

$56.00 Ex Tax: $56.00

Tokidoki Unicorn Massage Wand


$104.00 Ex Tax: $104.00

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