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4oz Usda Organic Feminine Spray

Jo Organic Feminine Spray is a full body spray formulated even for your most delicate areas.Use to freshen up after a workout, pamper prior to foreplay and /or after intimacy.Apply 1-2 sprays directly to desired areas. Reapply as needed or desired.P..

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Adams Cologne

Spray on Adam Pheromone Infused Cologne to silently draw women to you the moment you enter the room. Adam Pheromone Infused Cologne was developed for today`s male to attract women, thanks to its unique proprietary ingredient Androstenone. Extracted i..

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Aneros Wipes

Aneros Wipes are specially formulated to clean you and your toys after all of your creative Sessions Our wipes are made with natural products which will not harm your toys and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed...

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Boneyard Skwert


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Clean Stream Toilet Enema Attach Set

Whether it is for health, pleasure, or preparation for anal sex, the Clean Stream Toilet Enema Attachment Set is the most convenient, effective, and comfortable way to clean out! The same power and efficiency that you appreciate and enjoy from a show..

$75.00 Ex Tax: $75.00

Cleanstream in Line Enema Bulb

This one is a Higginson syringe one-way pump. This bulb and nozzle combo sends liquid from one end submerged in liquid to the other end fitted with a tapered nozzle. The nozzle may be ed into the rectum or into another device, such as CleanStream Inf..

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Cleanstream 1 Time Enema Applicator

This Disposable Applicator is perfect for quick and easy enemas and douches. Simply unscrew the smooth tip from the bulb and fill with the liquid of your choosing, screw back on, and then for a pleasurable cleanse...

$6.50 Ex Tax: $6.50

Cleanstream Aquashot Showr Cleanse Syst

This intimate cleansing kit comes with a smooth, moderately sized nozzle and hose, designed for ease. Just screw the hose onto your existing shower or sink system, and utilize a constant, steady stream of water. Perfect for all your personal cleansin..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

Cleanstream Bottle Cleanse Kit Blue

The CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit is an easy-to-use and effective cleaning system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. This kit includes one tapered tip, one nozzle tip, one easy-hang hook, a flow control clam..

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Cleanstream Deluxe Enema Bulb 300ml

Make your enema session quick and pleasurable with the Deluxe Enema Bulb. With an easy grip design on the bulb, you will have ultimate control. Included with the bulb is a long nozzle with carved ends. Size Bulb Length: 5.5 Circumference: 9.5 Nozzle ..

$23.00 Ex Tax: $23.00

Cleanstream Enema Bulb Blue

The CleanStream Enema Bulb is a great option to those looking for a quick and easy fix. Simply add fluid to the bulb, screw the nozzle tight and secure the seal. This Enema Bulb is perfect for travel and cleanup is a cinch. Designed for quick cleanin..

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Cleanstream Enema Silicone Bulb/plug Kit

Get everything you need for you next enema/anal play session with this Essentials Enema Kit. First get cleaned up and prepped for your anal play with the Enema Bulb. Holding up to 300mL of fluid, it makes enema play easy and pleasurable. The top unsc..

$36.76 Ex Tax: $36.76

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