24 Xxx {dd}

Subject to change without notice He`s back...and he`s gonna need a hacksaw! Legendary director and 24 mega-fan Axel Braun delivers porn parody gold with this hilariously sexy spoof featuring uber bad-ass Jack Bauer on the longest, funniest day of his..

$47.52 Ex Tax: $47.52

30 Rock A Xxx Parody

2-Disc Collector`s Edition. New Sensations presents 30 ROCK: A XXX PARODY, a side-splitting and pussy-pounding take on one of the funniest shows on TV. Imagine, all of your favorite and funniest characters played by some of the hottest porn stars! W..

$23.78 Ex Tax: $23.78

4pk Nailin Palin

Subject to change without notice Featuring titlesWho`s Nailin` Paylin Volumes 1 and 2You`re Nailin` Palin InteractiveObama Is Nailin` PalinTitles listed are subject to change; A similar title may be substituted..

$29.60 Ex Tax: $29.60

5pk Blockbuster Parodies 02

Subject to change without notice Featuring Titles A Rear And Present Danger Snatch Adams Dallas Does Debbie The Last Girl Scout and Boogie Girls...

$30.78 Ex Tax: $30.78

5pk Blockbuster Parody

Subject to change without notice The naked versions of your favorite feature films all in one box! Look at this crazy line-up!Ass VenturaGladiatorBeetlejismPulp FrictionPenetrator..

$30.78 Ex Tax: $30.78

5pk Parody Pack

Subject to change without notice ..

$29.60 Ex Tax: $29.60

6pk Parodies

Subject to change without notice The best porn soaked tributes to your favorite shows all in one box straight from 3rd Degree!Includes:- Survivor Parody- Howard Stern Show Parody- Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley Parody- Deal Or No Deal par..

$33.84 Ex Tax: $33.84

6pk Parody Hits

Subject to change without notice We have one big box with huge hit parodies for you right here!Includes: - This Ain`t Ghostbusters- This Ain`t Baywatch- This Ain`t Star Trek 2- This Ain`t Modern Family- This Ain`t Supernatural- This Ain`t Smurfs..

$33.84 Ex Tax: $33.84

6pk Political Spoofs

Subject to change without notice Six sexy political parody features in one set! This collection will erect your sense of patriotism! Includes: Who`s Nailin` Paylin? Who`s Nailin` Paylin? 2 The Donald White Hours Orgy Republican Candidate Wife Swap Go..

$33.84 Ex Tax: $33.84

70s Show A Xxx Parody

Get ready for some sex, jugs, and Rock `N Roll -- 1970`s-style! Imagine a combination of polyester pants, platform shoes, hilarious comedy, and scorching hot sex scenes! Well, that`s exactly what you`re going to get with 70`S SHOW: A XXX PARODY! Int..

$23.78 Ex Tax: $23.78

A Team Returns (disc)

Regardless of the title, this is not a take-off from the 80`s TV show. Two losers hanging out with their girlfriends decide on a new and interesting career path: Professional Ass Fuckers. They refer to themselves as the A Team and set out to give pe..

$11.14 Ex Tax: $11.14

Addams Family Xxx Parody {dd}

Subject to change without notice Deluxe 2-Disc Edition. The Addams children are all grown up now and wreaking havoc on the community. Before Wednesday and Pugsly are off to college, Gomez and Morticia decide it`s time to have the talk with them... An..

$59.42 Ex Tax: $59.42

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